The app I am testing needs another app pre-installed. Can I achieve this with App Automate?

As a part of your test suite, you might have scenarios where you need another app installed to test your main app. You might want such apps to be pre-installed on the device when you start a session with BrowserStack Automate.

BrowserStack allows you to pre-install apps along with the app you are testing. Follow these steps to pre-install apps:

  1. Have the latest .apk/.ipa file handy for the app you want to pre-install.
  2. Use the upload an app API to upload the app to BrowserStack and generate an app ID for it.
  3. Use App Automate's otherApps capability as specified here.

In addition to the app under test, this installs all the apps specified in the otherApps capability at the start of the App Automate session. So, when your session starts, you will have all the apps you need installed on the device.

TIP: Did you know you could also install apps mid-session? Use the midSessionInstallApps capability as described here.

NOTE: Due to security reasons, BrowserStack restricts the installation of third-party executables on the BrowserStack devices.

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