Invalid [app] capability

Error Description
The capability you have entered to upload the app is invalid. Please enter the valid "app" capability.

REST API for the uploading the app on BrowserStack is:
curl -u "<username>:<accesskey>" -X POST "" -F "file=@/path/to/app/file/Application-debug.apk" -F 'data={"custom_id": "MyApp"}'

Note: custom_id is optional
The response of the app upload is
"app_url" : "bs://<hashed-id>"
Use the app_url value and set it in the app capability in your test code as:
caps['app'] = 'bs://<hashed-id>'

Note: The app capability also accepts the custom_id defined by you to upload an app
For more info, you may refer to our capabilities-list documentation

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