Something went wrong with Google login error

During test initialization, BrowserStack will attempt to login on the device using specified Google account credentials. In some cases, Google may pose a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that requires you to approve login using a trusted device or an One-Time Password (OTP) or by some other means. This will fail your test build. To fix this:

  • Use a newly created Google account to sign in. Ensure that the account was never used to log in on any other device or browser.
  • Turn off the account’s security settings - 2 Step verification and Use your phone to sign in
  • Ensure that 1 google account is not used for login in multiple parallel sessions (keep the parallel runs below 5 preferably)
  • If you observe increased flakiness, create a new account as sometimes Google suspects malicious usage if same account has been used from multiple different devices which becomes unavoidable in a public cloud setting like ours.
  • If you are still facing issues with Google account login, please reach out to BrowserStack support team.

NOTE: Parallel tests with the same credentials can trigger Google’s anti-bot security measures. This may lead to additional security checks causing tests to fail. If the Google login feature on App Automate fails intermittently, automate the login flow directly within the test case.

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