When accessing a local website with Safari browser, why are few of my website assets not loading?

We currently do not support fetching assets via absolute URLs for remote Safari browsers in iOS version 10 and higher. URLs which are hard-coded in nature, and access the assets from a static location are called absolute URLs.
As a workaround, you can load the missing assets by removing the given below parameters from the URL in your webpage code.
  1. https://localhost
  2. http://localhost

For example, this will change a hard-coded URL from https://localhost/assets/style.css to assets/style.css You should be able to see your missing assets in the remote Safari browsers without any further issue.
Secondly, for verification, you can also load your website with the Chrome Browser using an Android device from the Live dashboard, and check whether the assets are loading properly.

You can learn more about why we redirect your URL from http://bs-local.com from http://localhost here.

Please contact support if you still find any issue in loading the assets of your website.

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