Why is my build stuck on receiving state?

When the Percy build is stuck on the “Receiving build” screen it indicates that your Percy client/SDK or CI/CD may have failed to upload or finalize all the snapshots in the build. This could be due to an error during the Percy build process.

To understand what is causing this issue, please enable the debug logs for your Percy execution by exporting the below environment variables before starting the test:

For Linux/Unix (run the below command on your terminal)

  1. export LOG_LEVEL=debug
  2. export PERCY_DEBUG=*

For Windows (run the below command on your Command Line/PowerShell) 

  1. set LOG_LEVEL=debug
  2. set PERCY_DEBUG=*

Steps to troubleshoot stuck on “Receiving build” with Percy parallel test suites:

  1. When will this happen?

    When your PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL value is more than the number of builds finalized during your tests, the build will remain in the “Receiving build” state. For example, if PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL=4 and only 3 builds were finalized.
  2. How to stop the “Receiving build” on Percy parallel test suites?

    To stop the “Receiving build” state,
    1. Please set PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL= -1
    2. Set the unique PERCY_PARALLEL_NONCE of that build which you wish to finalize.
    3. And then execute percy build:finalize command.
  3. Additional notes

    Stuck on “Receiving build” builds will automatically timeout in 4 hours, and cannot be manually canceled from the Dashboard.

    If a build is stuck in “Receiving build” state, then also you can execute further builds without any blocker or issues (if your new build is not dependent upon the build stuck at receiving).


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