I run Automate without SDK. How can I use Test Observability?

SDK solves for both running tests on Automate/App Automate infrastructure and also for pushing test data to Test Observability.

You can choose to integrate the SDK for either of the functionalities or even both. If you already have a test suite that runs tests on Automate / App Automate without the SDK, you can choose to integrate the SDK only for pushing data to Test Observability.

To use the SDK to push data to Test Observability alone, you need to specify `browserstackAutomation: false` in the SDK config and specify `testObservability: true` in the same config.

The example for TestNG is also applicable to all other supported frameworks. Alternatively, you can also choose to run your Automate / App Automate tests also through the SDK. Please follow Automate or App Automate documentation for the same.

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