Intelligent test reporting that
cuts noise & saves time

Automate flaky & failure reason detection with AI.

Intelligent test reporting that cuts noise & saves time

A central view of all build runs

Click on any build to view its metadata, and navigate to detailed insights.

A central view of past & historical build 1x

Historical test results

Against each failed test, you can see the assertion failure reason and the status
of the test across last 10 runs with their respective reasons.

Test results 1x

Auto-detection of flaky,
always failing tests & new failures

No need to go over reports & guess every single time.

AI-powered test failure root cause analysis

Our most loved feature.

AI-powered failure categorization 1x

Custom test reporting views

Create custom views for builds or tests.

Custom reporting views_Option

Summary of all runs of a build

Includes all re-runs and merged runs triggered from multiple CI machines

Consolidated report for multiple runs 1x