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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is testing your website on the Firefox browser critical?

Firefox has a 9.39% desktop browser market share and is the second most used browser after Chrome. In countries like Germany, Firefox had a 16.41% market share in 2018. This means testing a website on the Firefox browser is critical.

Which are the most important Firefox versions while performing Firefox Testing?

Firefox version 68 is released and others are coming soon. However, previous versions still have users on them. For example, Firefox 52 to Firefox 59 is still used by 6.24% of the total Firefox users. With each new version, some functionality is deprecated and new features are introduced. Thus, constantly testing a website on older versions of Firefox to see if new functionalities still work on all versions is important. Similarly, when Firefox releases new versions or variants like Firefox Quantum, teams must be able to build and take advantage of the new features. 

What is a Firefox Emulator or Simulator?

A Firefox Emulator (sometimes referred to as Firefox Simulator) imitates a Mozilla Firefox browser on a desktop or a laptop. This helps developers or QA testers to run a quick check of how their code appears on Firefox, as part of their development lifecycle.

What are the disadvantages of using a Firefox Emulator?

Firefox emulators (also well known as Firefox Simulators) mimic a Firefox screen and run slower than a real Firefox browser instance. They act like a Firefox Virtual Machine (VM). For example, a Firefox test on Mac is unreliable on an emulator since teams cannot mimic some interactions or the exact CSS support. Thus, this can mean that an end-user might experience a bug that might not come up in a test run on emulators.

Why Firefox testing on BrowserStack is better than on an emulator?

BrowserStack provides instant access to real devices with pre-installed Mozilla Firefox versions, to comprehensively test on Firefox. For example, teams can run a Firefox 60 test on Windows 10 by signing into BrowserStack Live. Tests conducted on real devices give accurate results similar to end-users in the real world. For debugging, BrowserStack provides native developer tools similar to Firefox. This can be very useful given the discontinuation of Firebug. 

BrowserStack provides developers and QA testers with access from Firefox 3 to Firefox 69. Teams can also automate their tests and integrate with CI/CD tools like CircleCI, TeamCity, Jenkins using our plugins.