Opera Browser Testing

Instant way to test websites on Opera 10-65 browser versions. Say goodbye to your lab of PCs and virtual machines (VM) for Opera Browser Testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it critical to test websites on Opera Browser?

Opera reported that it has 360 million active users across their desktop and mobile platforms. If a website does not undergo Opera browser testing, it would mean losing out on a significant number of potential users.

What is Opera Emulator?

Opera emulator is a software application that mimics all functionalities of the Opera browser on your workstation. Using Opera browser emulators, QA engineers or developers can perform a quick check of how a website renders on the Opera browser.

Why do QAs prefer Opera testing on Real Devices instead of Emulators?

Opera testing on real devices helps QA teams to test websites in real user conditions. By viewing the website exactly the way an end-user would, they can ensure that it is free of any possible flaws. This helps them develop robust web-apps. Thus, teams can ship with confidence and ensure that users have a bug-free experience.

Why is BrowserStack the preferred choice for Opera Browser Testing?

BrowserStack provides instant access to real devices with pre-installed Opera browsers for extensive browser testing. Developers and QA testers can now test on multiple versions, from Opera 10.6 to Opera 65 for both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Additionally, our real device cloud supports the testing of natural gestures, battery consumption, GPS simulation, and IP geolocation. QA testers can also share bugs via JIRA, Trello, Slack, etc. so that developers can easily replicate these bugs and fix them. BrowserStack also offers integrations with popular CI/CD tools such as Jira, Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis and more.

Can I perform Opera Testing on Windows?

Yes. By logging into BrowserStack one can easily choose to test different versions of Opera on various versions of Windows – right from Windows XP to Windows 10. For example, one can easily test on Opera 65 on Windows 10.

How to perform opera testing online?

Simply signup for free on BrowserStack Live. Then, select the preferred operating system along with Opera versions that a website needs to be tested on. Start testing.