On-demand browser automation on your cloud provider

Swiftly setup automation Grid on GCP, Azure or AWS. Test at scale with unlimited parallel runs and simplify grid maintenance, all from one single platform.

One-stop toolkit

Setup and run functional tests on your cloud provider with all the necessary tools built-in.

Minimal dependencies

Facilitates more control for you and less dependency on other teams.

Automatic Updates

With automatic framework and browser updates so you focus on testing & less on grid maintenance.

Integrates with your favourite test framework

Effortlessly run browser automation tests using Selenium, Playwright or Cypress.


Self-managed Grid configurations for maximum stability and scale

Grid location

Setup grids in the region closest to your local infrastructure, channeling minimum latency for your test runs.

Unlimited Parallels

Configure number of parallels without any external dependencies.

Browser Settings

Configure CPU limit, memory limit and types of browsers, for an optimal grid setup

Powerful debugging with builds dashboard

Get access to test status, video, framework and and many more logs for faster debugging. You can even debug your tests while they run with the unique Interactive debugging feature.

Multiple OS & browser support with Headless mode

Run your tests in Headless browsers across Linux & Windows, thus reducing your grid load. Access video recordings for these for faster and accurate debugging.


Sort your build pipelines with Test Orchestration

Run your critical tests on priority for faster and earlier feedback.

Data-driven Grid utilization, simplified

Optimize grid utilization with timely alerts & insights. Access key metrics like historical trends on number of parallel tests, CPU usage etc. with Grid utilization dashboard.