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7 Best Browsers for Android in 2023

By Sourojit Das, Community Contributor -

Unquestionably, the Web Browser is the most common way for consumers to access the Internet. The development of web browsers has resulted in the replacement of many traditional “thick clients” (only deployed on local systems) with the browser we know today, thereby increasing its utility and prevalence. 

The web browser is an application that provides access to the web server, transmits network requests to URLs, obtains resources, and interactively displays them. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera are some of the most widely-used web browsers currently available.

Importance of Cross Browser Compatibility

Testing applications for cross-browser compatibility has grown in popularity over the past few years, and there is a solid reason for this. While technology evolves swiftly, humans do not. Significant numbers of people are resistant to change, or, more precisely, they “avoid upgrading their technology.” 

In this instance, cross browser compatibility testing ensures that no consumer is left behind or has a negative experience. Despite the market dominance of browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, there are still individuals who use older versions of these browsers or other browsers. However, their numbers are too large to be disregarded.Not all browsers and devices utilize the same settings; browser compatibility issues arise to varying degrees. This difference is the reason why a lack of application homogeneity may be observed across browsers and devices. You would prefer that all prospective users have access to the functionality of the application.

This is why browser compatibility testing is essential. If your website is not tested and debugged on multiple platforms and browsers, it will not function identically across all of them, causing user frustration and negatively impacting your business.

Android remained the most popular operating system in the globe during June 2022-23, with a market share of 43.43% across all platforms and devices. This is followed by Windows and iOS at 28.79% and 17.63% respectively.

OS Market Share across all devices and platforms

However, for the mobile devices Android has a market share of 70.79% globally during June 2022-23. Whereas, iOS has a share of 28.44%, followed by Samsung OS at 0.38% as seen below.

OS Market Share for Mobile Devices

In order to conduct optimal cross-browser testing on Android devices, it is essential to know the browser market share in 2023 in order to know which browsers to test on.

Run Cross Browser Tests on Real Devices

7 Best Browsers for Android in 2023

Here are some of the best browsers for Android in 2023:

1 . Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser for Android

The majority of Android users have Google Chrome pre-installed on our Android devices, and we choose to continue using it. This is because one of the most reputable technology companies (Google) developed it and laboured to make it robust and user-friendly.

Other than that, it has the following benefits that make it an excellent web browser.



  • Chrome incorporates sophisticated technologies such as sandboxing, isolation, etc. to safeguard user data (such as passwords). Additionally, it has an incognito mode that keeps the user’s perusing private from other users of the device.
  • In addition to the extensions included by default, Chrome offers a variety of additional extensions that can be installed to expand its functionality. This could be ad-blocking software, a VPN service, a grammar checker, etc.


  • The additional features are experimental, so using them may result in the loss of data or previous configurations.
  • It consumes a great deal of memory, which may slow down the device.
  • It lacks an integrated ad blocker, so users must install a third-party extension.
  • Chrome browsing is frequently not private, and Google monitors its users.

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2. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox is the other browser that frequently competes with Google Chrome in terms of functionality and features.





  • Firefox is distinguished from Chrome by its emphasis on privacy and security. It includes a VPN that encrypts users’ online activity and conceals their IP addresses while they browse.
  • It also includes a monitoring blocker that prevents third-party cookies from tracking the browsing history of the user. With features such as tab management and a streamlined interface, Firefox is renowned for its speed and performance.


Firefox’s primary limitation is that it is incompatible with certain websites. This can restrict the browsing freedom of consumers.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser for Android

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and published for the first time in 2015. It is the default browser for Windows 10 and is also available for Android and other platforms.




  • One of the key features of Microsoft Edge is its speed and performance, which is achieved through the use of a new rendering engine called EdgeHTML. It also supports features like tab management, extensions, and a streamlined interface, making it easy to use for both novice and advanced users.
  • In addition to its performance, Microsoft Edge places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. It includes features like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to protect against phishing and malware and supports the use of HTTPS encryption for secure browsing.
  • Microsoft Edge also offers a range of productivity features, such as the ability to annotate web pages and share them with others, as well as integration with Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools like OneDrive and Office.


MS Edge is a decent option, but it lacks extensions compared to its competitors.

4. Opera

Opera Browser for Android

Opera is a decent option if you want a browser that is both feature-rich and reasonably quick. As a general-purpose web browser, Opera has nearly everything.





It has a built-in ad blocker that effectively removes intrusive advertisements while maintaining your privacy and a built-in VPN that further enhances your browsing privacy and security. 

A personalized news feed with AI-curated news tailored to your interests is available elsewhere. In addition to the night mode, there are additional accessibility settings, such as the ability to modify text size.


Like Firefox, Opera lacks customization options, and some websites do not load adequately on it.

5. Brave

Brave Browser for Android

The Brave web browser is the most secure browser for Android devices.



The mission of its developers is to provide the highest level of internet privacy and greater protection from big tech. It has both an ad-blocker and a cookie-blocker, which prevent websites from accumulating user data.

It is significantly safer than Chrome and Firefox due to its robust privacy policy and multiple digital security safeguards. And when the application is closed, all browsing data is deleted. It has an integrated password manager and allows you to choose your preferred search engine (MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, DDG, etc.). If you are considering switching from Chrome, this is an excellent alternative.


You may continue to receive banner advertisements, which Brave’s developers use to finance their operations. It lacks customization and has fewer features because it is a relatively new service.

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6. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser for Android

While perusing the web, Samsung Internet Browser safeguards your privacy and security. It delivers web content-blocking filters.

Samsung phones are one of the most popular android phones globally. This makes Samsung Internet Browser one of the popular browsers.


  • It provides a more convenient perusing experience by incorporating a personalised video assistant.
  • This tool provides fast access to a website that you frequently visit.
  • Offers Customization to Menu Provides Add-ons like Translator
  • It can block access to ads and cookies
  • Offers Security & Privacy, Protected Browsing, and Content Blockers


The Samsung Internet Browser is incompatible with other web browsers.

7. Dolphin

Dolphin Browser for Android Devices

Dolphin is a popular Android browser that offers gaming-specific features such as: 

Gesture controls – allowing users to control games with intuitive gestures.



Dolphin sonar – which enables users to control games through voice commands as opposed to the on-screen keyboard. Flash content support – Many older online games are still designed with Flash, and Dolphin’s ability to display Flash content enables you to play these games in the browser.

Additionally, it has an integrated ad-blocker and, like Google Chrome, it synchronises your data and settings across your devices.


This browser was designed for older devices, so Android 7 and later users may encounter issues. Moreover, compared to the others on this list, it does not offer the greatest user experience.

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Given the variance in how various web browsers implement open web standards, web developers must conduct cross-browser testing to ensure compatibility. It is the only method that offers a consistent user experience across browsers and devices.

While Browser Market Share is a major factor in choosing which browsers to test on in 2023, other factors including application-specific features, target audience, and geographical constraints must be taken into account to ensure comprehensive cross-browser testing.

Teams can initiate cross-browser compatibility testing manually with a real device cloud based solution such as BrowserStack Live or with automation tools such as Selenium, which is relied upon by the vast majority of businesses in the automation testing industry.

Depending on the market share, it is necessary to conduct testing on both older and more recent versions of various browsers. Perhaps most importantly, testing must be conducted on actual devices, taking into account actual user conditions, for more reliable test results.

Using a cloud-based testing infrastructure like BrowserStack to perform cross-browser testing is preferable to procuring and maintaining an actual digital lab of devices.

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