Puppeteer Automation Testing on Cloud

Run Puppeteer Automation Tests on Cloud, for testing on real devices and browsers at scale

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Puppeteer Automation Tests on Cloud

Puppeteer Automation Testing on Cloud offers a robust cloud solution that complements the Puppeteer testing by providing advanced features for test monitoring, organization, and evaluation. This service allows development/testing teams to gain deep insights into their testing activities by capturing and storing test executions, which are accessible via a user-friendly online interface.



Test on Real devices and Browsers

Run Puppeteer tests on real devices and browsers. Choose from 100+ versions across Windows and macOS

Test in Different Environments

Run Puppeteer tests in various environments like Local, Development, Sandbox, Pre-production, Staging & Production

Run Parallel Tests

Run Puppeteer Tests in Parallel on given OS-Browser Combinations at scale on real device cloud by intelligent load distribution

Integration with CI/CD Pipelines

Seamlessly Integrate Automation Test Execution with your existing or new pipeline on all the Popular CI/CD tools

Better Debugging with Rich Artifacts

Efficiently debug your failed Puppeteer tests using rich artifacts like Interactive Session, Video Recording & Network Logs.

Get Detailed Test Result Insights

Access & share comprehensive test build insights like performance & run summary for better collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppeteer Automation Testing in BrowserStack Automate Cloud is the one-stop solution for running the tests in Cloud, which has benefits like execution on real devices/browsers, parallel execution, supports CICD execution and Insights on the test execution.

You need Puppeteer Automation Testing Cloud to perform Automation Testing of Website

  • Testing on Real Devices
  • Parallel Test Runs
  • Seamless Integration
  • Test on Dev Environment
  • Comprehensive Debugging
  • Security and Privacy

Yes, BrowserStack Automate allows the users to run the Puppeteer tests in parallel. Along with parallel run users can also execute tests across multiple OS and Browser in matrix mode.

Yes, BrowserStack Automate allows users to download various build reports and artifacts for debugging and Report sharing Purposes. You can improve collaboration with the team and enhance debugging by exporting and sharing test reports.

You can run Puppeteer Tests easily on the cloud with a few steps:

  1. Clone the example repository from GitHub
  2. Install the dependencies
  3. Create/ Configure BrowserStack credentials
  4. Run the test using command line node duckduckgo_search.js

BrowserStack Automate offers cross-browser support for Puppeteer Cloud Automation Tests on 100+ versions (Windows and macOS) across browsers like:

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Webkit

  • Diverse Environment Testing: It enables the execution of Puppeteer tests across a broad selection of browsers and operating systems, eliminating the necessity for maintaining local testing infrastructure. This ensures consistent application performance across various platforms.
  • Concurrent Test Execution: By allowing simultaneous execution of multiple Puppeteer test suites, BrowserStack Automate significantly cuts down on total testing time, facilitating quicker iterative feedback and accelerated deployment cycles.
  • CI/CD Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with major continuous integration and delivery systems, including Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, and GitHub Actions, automating the testing process within the development pipeline.
  • Diagnostic Tools for better debugging: BrowserStack provides comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, including detailed logs, screenshots, and video recordings of test sessions, aiding in the swift identification and resolution of issues.
  • Testing on Real Devices: Beyond simulated environments, BrowserStack also supports testing on real devices and browsers on the cloud, offering more precise and real-world test outcomes.
  • Customizable Test Execution: Users can tailor test executions to meet specific needs through BrowserStack’s user interface or APIs, enabling adaptable and controlled test runs.

Puppeteer Automation Testing on Cloud

Run Puppeteer Automation Tests on Cloud, for testing on real devices and browsers at scale