What is parallel testing on Automate and how does it help?

Suppose you have 50 test cases, in which each test case takes about a minute to complete. If you sequentially run these tests, it will take around 50 minutes to run all the tests.

For example, with a 10 parallel tests Automate plan, you can run up to 10 tests in parallel on BrowserStack Automate. Parallel testing will complete those 50 tests in just 5 minutes! This is the power of parallel testing.

On BrowserStack, you can run multiple Selenium WebDriver tests at the same time across various browsers, devices, and OS combinations. This is 'Parallel Testing'. Parallel Testing gives you the same benefits as running a multi-threaded application. Parallel Testing will help you reduce the run time of your test suite, resulting in faster build times and faster releases.

You can refer to parallel testing code samples in these frameworks:

Check out this section to see code samples for other languages and frameworks.

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