My web app has interactive elements that should activate under certain conditions during test automation. My conditions are being met, yet these elements won’t enable. Why?

If you run into issues with conditional buttons or other interactive elements on Safari browsers in iOS devices, consider these actions:

  1. Check Data Entry: Ensure that all required fields are filled in with the correct format and data. Client-side validation may prevent the button from enabling if the data doesn't meet specific criteria.
  2. Check Client-Side Validation: Is a validation check failing in the background? If yes, fix it first. Then, try again.
  3. Simulate User Interactions Accurately: Ensure that your script correctly simulates user interactions like keypresses, focus changes, and blur events.
  4. Use Explicit Waits: Give the web app enough time to load and process information. If your script moves too quickly, elements might not be ready for interaction.

If these don’t fix the issue, use Safari's Developer Tools to inspect the DOM. This can help identify the problem.

If none of these actions work, consider enabling the button through your script using the following code:


If this doesn't work either, contact Support.

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