Why am I seeing ‘Your internet connection is unstable’? What can I do to improve this?


If your bandwidth drops below 4 mbps
  1. You might see your current speed as 4mbps & above, but your network might be fluctuating frequently. Below example shows network showing 59.29mbps speed but frequent fluctuations causing poor experience -
  2. To accurately test your network speed or fluctuations, we recommend to test on SpeedOf.Me, Internet speed test for all devices
  3. As per SpeedOf.Me documentation (How It Works) -
    • To make sure that your Internet connection is tested thoroughly, SpeedOf.Me tests your bandwidth in several passes. Sample file sizes increase gradually until it takes longer than eight seconds to download the sample file. As a result, SpeedOf.Me, unlike other speed tests, can measure connection speeds in a wide range. From a slow 10 Kbps Mobile GPRS to a very fast 100 Mbps cable user (or even higher) automatically.
Example of internet speed test


Network Congestion can also cause poor interactive experience on Live
  1. If you connect though VPN & your VPN causes congestion due to multiple hops
  2. If you have multiple tabs opened in your browser which adds up heavy load on your CPU & RAM, might as well add congestion in network streaming from your system.

We recommend you to reconnect or switch to another network of bandwidth greater than 4 mbps or try connecting without VPN for smooth interactive experience.

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