What are the grouping options provided by Percy?

Percy provides two grouping options for managing snapshots:

  • - Snapshot Grouping with Matching Diffs
  • - Group Snapshot by Test Case Name

In Snapshot Grouping with Matching Diffs, Percy automatically identifies and groups snapshots that exhibit the same visual changes. This feature streamlines the review process by saving time and effort when analyzing builds. Learn more.

On the other hand, Group Snapshot by Test Case Name organizes snapshots based on their associated test case names. This approach enhances the organization of snapshots, offering clarity and structure throughout the testing process. Learn more.

Both grouping options offer distinct advantages, allowing you to tailor your snapshot management to your specific needs and preferences. You can switch between these options as needed to optimize your testing workflows. However, it's essential to consider individual testing requirements and ensure alignment with naming conventions for optimal results.

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