Scale cross-browser testing with Automate

Ditch in-house grids. Run on a fully-managed cloud offering 3500+ real desktop and mobile browser combinations – with access to real devices.

No code changes. No setup. No maintenance.

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Run and scale your test suite in a jiffy

Integrate the SDK way

Just install the SDK for your framework, and start testing on 3500+ real desktop and mobile browser combinations with access to real devices. No code changes. Get started in one minute.

Test everything the config way

Specify browser combinations, test in dev environments, simulate real-world scenarios such as geolocation and network – all using a config file. You write the test cases; we set up everything to run them.

Debug the foolproof way

Each test run captures all logs including text, console, network, screenshots, and video recording. Access them via dashboard or API. Or, use breakpoints to debug interactively to pinpoint issues faster.

Scale the BrowserStack way

Run parallel tests with a simple config change, integrate with any CI via plugins, and test continuously at scale on BrowserStack’s battle-tested infrastructure spread globally across 19 data centers.

Key features

Real devices and browsers

Harness our Selenium grid to start testing instantly on 3000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Parallel test runs

Run hundreds of tests concurrently to speed up the execution time of your test suite by more than 10x.

Seamless integration

Integrate in minutes using popular languages and frameworks. Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins.

Test on dev environments

Test websites hosted on development environments or behind firewalls with zero setup or configuration.

Comprehensive debugging

Debug with ease using video recordings, automated screenshots of errors, text logs, console logs and network logs.

Security & Privacy

Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session. Read more about security.

Enterprise-class features

Priority support

Senior support engineers, response time SLAs and on-call support.

Effortless scalability

Achieve build goals with ease. Scale on-demand with parallel testing.

Single sign-on

Leverage SSO to easily integrate your teams into BrowserStack.

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Piotr Kowalczyk @pierre_habibi Thank you god for @browserstack <3 Css magic...#Apple #testing #programming #FrontEnd
Luis H. Ball Jr. @pierre_habibi @browserstack Local appreciation tweet 🥰 Browser’s refusal to ship meaninful JS feature flags makes it necessary to be able to test on older versions.Local makes that a breeze ⛵.
Fatih Battal @pierre_habibi @browserstack I love you😘 Nothing more. That's it.
Kevin Basset @krissierae Big fan of @browserstack for cross-browser testing. If you're building a #PWA, it's an absolute must-have. #nocode #iphone #safari #web #browser
Kevin Basset @krissierae Use @browserstack to automate tests on many more devices than those in your farm.
Code With Caen @krissierae Trying out @browserstack and am completely blown away. Currently playing around with visual testing using Percy. Super excited I got a sponsored #opensource plan too!