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Browser Compatibility Check for Shopify Websites

By Kalpalatha Devi, Community Contributor -

Technology greatly impacts business today. Creating a website for any marketing purpose will help ease access, market expansion, information exchange, and advertising.

Nowadays, people are more inclined to do online shopping than shop in physical stores. It saves time for both the sellers and the buyers. Online stores make it easier to view different products within a given time. Merchants are interested in designing their websites with an eCommerce platform.

Selling on Shopify

Shopify is the eCommerce platform that works on SaaS, where merchants can create online stores to sell their goods. Shopify websites are online stores for entrepreneurs to sell their products, so the user experience is the key to business progress. Using the tool, customers can design their website using a drag-and-drop interface.

The designed website needs to test across all supported browsers to ensure users have smooth access and perform all the functionality on the website without any issues. Cross browser testing or browser compatibility testing is the key to any web testing. Once the website is designed, after the completion of functional testing, browser compatibility testing is a must for any website. But testing in each supported browser will take a long time, and it is a tedious task to do the same test in different browsers.

What is Browser Compatibility Testing?

Browser compatibility or cross browser testing is a non-functional testing method to ensure the web application or website works as intended. The tester analyzes the website’s behavior, view, and accessibility and tests it in different browsers. Testing will be performed across various browsers and in different OS combinations like windows, MAC, and devices wherever the designed website can be accessed.

Why Browser compatibility Testing? 

Multiple browsers have different configurations. So, the designed website may have compatibility issues when accessed from different browsers or devices. To ensure a seamless experience for every user irrespective of the browser they use, it is necessary to test on multiple browsers

Testing a Shopify Website for Browser Compatibility

BrowserStack Live allows you to perform browser compatibility testing on multiple browsers. Users can perform cross browser testing by accessing several browsers without long download and setup processes.

BrowserStack allows you to run Cross Browser Tests on Shopify websites through its. 

Take an example of a sample Shopify eCommerce website and test it on BrowserStack Live for browser compatibility by following the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the website URL under test on the Browserstack Live page and click on the start test button.

Browserstack Live

Step 2: It opens the BrowserStack Live Dashboard with the list of various devices, as seen below. Select the required device and the browser for testing.

BrowserStack Live Dashboard

It opens the selected device and browser combination to test the Shopify app. Given below are the screenshots from the tests on different device-browser combinations.

iPhone 13 v15.5 on Google ChromeiPhone 13 v15.5 on Google Chrome

iPad Pro 12.9.2021 on SafariiPad Pro 12.9.2021 on Safari

Samsung Galaxy S22 v12 on Google ChromeSamsung Galaxy S22 v12 on Google Chrome

Windows 11 on Firefox 101Windows 11 on Firefox 101

Test Result

Based on the tests conducted on different device browser combinations, the Shopify website is behaving consistently across different browsers, hence showing cross browser compatibility.

Performance of the Shopify website verified in different devices and browsers is as expected and consistent. BrowserStack provides a real device cloud platform for verifying the compatibility checks of the required websites. Testing on real devices on Browserstack helps the testers and the project team save time and money.

Test on BrowserStack

Cross Browser Compatibility Cross browser testing Website Testing

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