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Home Guide 13 CTA Design Examples to Boost Conversions

13 CTA Design Examples to Boost Conversions

By Kitakabee, Community Contributor -

It is estimated that about 90 % of website viewers read the Call to Action (CTA). 


Suppose you own an e-commerce website; the goal should not be just attracting more traffic. The ultimate goal should be increasing sales which depends on the number of visitors buying the product on your website.

Hence, you need to understand the difference between visiting a website and buying something. This difference is all that matters when it comes to sales. And this is where a CTA comes into the picture. 

What is CTA?

A CTA is a small web content that persuades viewers to perform a specific task. The web content is generally in the form of actionable buttons, images, or text. CTA is an acronym for Call to Action.

In digital marketing, CTAs convert a visitor into a lead that might ultimately convert into a sale. You must have seen these call-to-action examples on various websites: Subscribe, Request Quote, Try now, etc. 

How to write a CTA?

Some of the tips and guidelines that can help you design some of the best call-to-action buttons are as follow:

  • Making them stand out: It would be best if you placed your CTAs in a spot that is easy to locate. Ideally, the CTA should be the first thing the viewer sees after entering the webpage. For example, CTAs are generally placed at the bottom center of a popup. 
  • Usage of Action keywords: The text in the CTA should point toward the action you want the viewer to perform. You can use action keywords like Sign up now, Shop now, Get Quote, etc.
  • Usage of text in first-person: Writing the CTA text in the first person is recommended to make it informal and personalized. For example, the CTA button for the online reservation app should be designed as ‘Make my reservation’ rather than ‘Make your reservation’.
  • Creation of a sense of urgency: If you do not create a sense of urgency with your CTA, the viewers might procrastinate in completing the task or forget to do it altogether. This doesn’t mean that the CTA should cause panic amongst viewers. For example, you can incorporate incentives or discounts for a limited time.
  • Elimination of Roadblocks: You should try and make the requested action very easy for the viewer to perform. For instance, if you want the viewers to share the information with their peers, you can add another CTA that encourages viewers to complete the action without friction.

Psychology of Colours

Each color and shape stimulates our brain in a different manner and kindles different senses and emotions. For example, medical professionals wear white scrubs because it signifies sterility. 

When it comes to CTAs, it is recommended to use contrasting colors to showcase the unique propositions. Colors like blue, green, and light purple are cool colors, and other colors such as yellow, orange, and red are warm. Using cool colors reminds us of something relaxing, natural, and calming. And warm colors dignify happiness, energy, and optimism.

Listed below are the most used CTA colors and what they denote:

  1. Red: Using red helps stand out. It resembles excitement, urgency, and passion. 
  2. Green: It acts as a motivator.
  3. Orange: It depicts warmth.

Black, white and brown are the least used colors for CTA as they do not align with the background and have no major significance.

13 Best CTA Designs Examples To Boost Conversion

Below are some of the best call-to-action examples, and CTA button examples to boost the conversion of views into leads and sales.

1. HubSpot – Get Free CRM

HubSpot CTA

This CTA encourages the viewers to install the free CRM software developed by HubSpot. The contrasting orange colors of the buttons get the attention of the viewer to the action words, and the text explaining the CRM software is spot on.

2. Evernote – Register for Free

Evernote CTA

Evernote is an online note-taking platform. This CTA is a simple button with the action phrase. It is curated to invite the viewers to register on the application for free and use the trial version. Green is part of the brand color and encourages the user to click.

3. Wimi – Start a free trial

Wimi CTA

Wimi is a workforce management tool that helps managers allocate budgets and resources. Here, the CTA requests the audience to sign up and register for a free trial. The CTA is a simple button, and the phrase ‘Work Better’ is smartly put to create a sense that your team will function more efficiently with Wimi.

4. Dropbox – Try for free; get started

DropBox CTA

Dropbox is an online data storage platform that can be used for work or personal use. The first CTA encourages the professional audience to sign up on their web app and try it for free. The other asks the user to start their storage facility with Dropbox if they plan to use it for personal use. The CTA is a simple button, and the text right above gives relevant details to the visitors.

5. BookMyShow – Shop Now

BookMyShow CTA

BookMyShow is an Indian e-commerce platform that sells tickets for movies, concerts, theatres, etc. This CTA is curated to invite the audience to buy official movie merchandise from a different website. The banner indicates a movie poster, and the CTA button’s red color makes it stand out.

6. Forever 21 – Get 20% Off*

Forever 21 CTA

Forever 21 CTA encourages the viewers to sign up for their mailing list, and in return, the brand will provide you with a discount code of 20 % on online orders. The inverted text color of the CTA makes it stand out. The text also creates a sense of personal touch. Although black is not a recommended color for the CTA, having it on a plain white background makes it stand out and encourages the users to click.

7. Byjus – Schedule a Free Class

Byjus CTA

The CTA in Byju’s landing page is aimed at the viewers signing up and scheduling a free class with their platform. This will give them leads that could turn into potential sales. The color of the CTA matches the advertisement on the top of the page to bring the attention of the viewer to both of these elements.

8. HDFC ERGO – Get Quote


HDFC ERGO CTA drives the viewer to fill in the details and get a personalized quote for insuring your car. Here the color of the CTA matched with the company logo and important details on the website to lure the customers into interacting with it.

9. Wordstream – Get my Free Report

WordStream CTA

This Wordstream CTA persuades the viewer to receive a free assessment report to discover how their digital marketing tools suite can help you realize your business objectives. The contrasting color of the CTA makes it stand out from the rest of the elements in the popup.

10. Contently – Request a Demo, Read a Case Study

Contently CTA

These CTAs on Contently’s landing page encourage the audience to

  • Sign up and request a demo 
  • Read a case study that will be the extended version of the critical numbers mentioned on the landing page.

These CTAs are designed with distinct colors to attract customers’ attention.

11. Jobseeker – Create a Resume

Jobseeker CTA

This Jobseeker CTA is aimed at viewers to sign up and create a professional resume. The text showcases a brief outlook of how the resume will be curated using their service. The CTA’s color matches the brand’s color and stands out as everything else is in black. 

12. Spotify – Get Spotify Free

Spotify CTA

The CTA on Spotify’s app is aimed at audiences signing up and using it for free. The color green not only stands out in the app but also acts as a motivator and encourages the users to sign up.

13. Louvre

Louvre CTA

The Louvre is the most loved museum in the world. The banner on its landing page gives a panoramic view of the museum and encourages the audience to book tickets online. The CTA has a shade of bluish green, which depicts calmness and grabs the attention of the website visitors.

Importance of Testing CTAs

Importance of Testing CTA


Testing helps deliver a clean website to the consumers. With the help of testing, the possibility of UI errors on screen decreases vastly. Below are some points that demonstrate the importance of testing CTAs:

  • It is crucial to test the CTAs because you need to ensure that interacting with the CTA leads to the completion of the action. 
  • CTAs should be tested on different types of devices to ensure that the CTAs are functioning as expected in all the devices.
  • CTAs should undergo cross-browser testing to evaluate their functionality on different browsers for different consumer devices. Perform a quick cross-browser test for Free.
  • You also need to monitor and analyze your CTA performance to evaluate its efficiency of the CTA. You need to change your CTA design if the results are not up to the mark.

In short, testing CTA helps improve product features and establishes relationships with users by delivering the best quality products. 

A Call to Action is actionable web content placed on websites to encourage visitors to complete a task. This blog covers some of the best CTA designs that can help you boost the conversion of view into leads and sales. It is also important to test your CTA designs on multiple browsers and devices to ensure their proper functioning across all browsers and devices.

BrowserStack’s Live and App Live can be used to test these call-to-action designs on a range of browsers and devices. It provides various other features like Geolocation testing, Responsive testing, Local Testing, Bug Reporting, etc.

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