How does BrowserStack allocate browser and devices for test executions?

BrowserStack is an on-demand cloud infrastructure for testing web and mobile apps. We have 19 data centers across 13 locations. When you initiate a test session, BrowserStack allocates a testing platform from the data center nearest to you. These platforms are remote computers or mobile devices with different configurations.

If your required testing platform is unavailable (does not exist or is busy), BrowserStack allocates a platform from the next closest data center, and so on and so forth.

If the platform is not available in any center, BrowserStack polls them for some time. If no platform is found, the request ends with a No Terminal Available message, which is a rarity and happens in less than 0.0x% of cases.

If you do not specify a platform, an appropriate platform is allocated.

When your session ends, BrowserStack clears your session data from the platform so that your data is not carried over to the next session.

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