SpeedLab: Test website speed across browsers and devices

We’re happy to introduce SpeedLab, a free tool to test website speed across multiple browsers and devices. With SpeedLab, you can identify browser or device-specific issues instantly.

Users today access the web from one of 9,000 different devices. Each of these devices is shipped with a different default browser, apart from alternative browsers they can install. This means that each user is on one of 63,000 possible browser-device combinations—which creates complications for developers building websites and web apps.

This is especially true for website speed, where browser engine and device CPU play a significant role. To ensure great user experiences regardless of device used, it is crucial to test website speed across browsers and devices.

Traditional website speed tests are browser and device-agnostic, so you miss out on issues created by differences in browser engines or device CPUs.

With SpeedLab, you can test website speed on multiple browsers and devices at the same time.

Get insights into end-user experiences

Each test runs on a carefully chosen combination of browser engines, high-end and low-end devices to give you a comprehensive coverage of the market—and insights into actual end-user experiences. The final report contains a cumilative score of your website's speed across multiple desktop and mobile devices.

You can also quickly debug via BrowserStack Live, our interactive cross-browser and cross-device testing product.

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Happy testing!