BrowserStack Summer of Learning

We are excited to announce BrowserStack Summer of Learning, a free 5-part webinar series designed to help QA and engineering teams of all sizes learn and scale test automation. Whether you are a beginner QA analyst dabbling with exploratory testing or a 50 releases-a-day veteran, Summer of Learning is a go-to for everybody.

The series begins with an introduction, first to Selenium and then to BrowserStack, and gradually takes you through the process of moving from manual to automated testing. It covers industry trends in testing and features testing stalwarts such as The Weather Channel, who release to millions of users each day.

BrowserStack Summer of Learning has the following episodes:

  • Episode 1 — The Basics: Getting started with Selenium: An introduction to Selenium, how to set up/write your first test scripts, and how to pick the right framework. This is a great introductory session for those looking to learn test automation in 60 minutes.
  • Episode 2 — Introduction to BrowserStack Automate: In this episode, you’ll learn how to set up and run your first test with Automate, how to test on various real devices and browsers on the BrowserStack Real Device cloud, how to test your local instance on the cloud, and how to collaborate and debug better.
  • Episode 3 — Continuous testing at scale: You’ll learn how to build an efficient, well-integrated CI pipeline that helps release quality software at speed. You’ll also learn how to use BrowserStack to deploy faster and listen to stories from great companies like The Weather Channel, who release to millions of users every day.
  • Episode 4 — Selenium + BrowserStack at scale: In Episode 4, David Burns, core contributor to Selenium will explain how to plan parallelization more effectively to achieve faster build times, the best ways to maintain test hygiene while scaling your team or automation suite, and how to monitor test feedback effectively.
  • Episode 5 — Testing for a mobile-first market: There are 9,000 distinct mobile devices in the market—and you most definitely can't test on them all. But with this episode, you'll learn the best strategy to pick the right devices for testing your website or mobile app.

BrowserStack Summer of Learning starts on May 1 and goes on for the entire month—one new episode every Friday. All episodes will be recorded and the recordings will be shared with everyone who has registered.

If you'd like to attend BrowserStack Summer of Learning, register and we'll remind you when Summer of Learning goes live. If you know a friend who might enjoy this, feel free to invite them as well!