Every time I think of software, I think of quality first. Today, on World Tester's Day, I want to congratulate and thank all the testers and quality engineers for their incredible work in shipping world-class software products.

Tester's Day symbolizes a discovery made several years ago when American scientist Grace Hopper found a real-life moth stuck in computer hardware that was causing issues in the system. The word 'bug' emerged from this incident, and it's quite fascinating to see how far the testing industry has come since then. Testing as a discipline has evolved from being a siloed function (think Waterfall model) to where testers need to be fully aligned with Dev teams sometimes daily, sometimes even more frequently.

I'm excited about the future of QA and testing. With increasing digital transformation, for organizations to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to view the role of QAs and testers as enablers and partners in the software development lifecycle rather than blockers and back-office teams.

To celebrate the relentless passion of testers, we at BrowserStack are honoring some of the icons in the testing space—those who push the industry forward by sharing their knowledge with the community at large through their thought leadership. We will feature them on Twitter and LinkedIn in the coming week using #IconsOfQuality.

Here's to the spirit of testers, you deserve to be celebrated every Day!

Happy Tester's Day!