BrowserStack is excited to be the first cloud test automation platform to support Real Android devices on Playwright (in beta).

BrowserStack users can now run their Playwright tests on all Android devices available on the BrowserStack Cloud, hundreds of different device models from multiple OEMs including Samsung, Google, and more! Devs & QAs can now test for mobile web applications more accurately and more scalable, as tests run on a highly scalable cloud of real devices (no unreliable emulators of simulators!) in our 19 global data centers.

What we're even more proud of is that BrowserStack's Engineering Team contributed the Playwright Open Source codebase, enabling this innovation for all Playwright users, regardless of where they choose to execute their tests: in-house or on a cloud platform like BrowserStack.

Playwright's existing support for Android devices was experimental and had many limitations. The alternative solution was to emulate a mobile view by resizing the viewport, which cannot guarantee accurate testing. Testing on Real Devices is the only way to guarantee your tests are providing accurate results. BrowserStack's Engineering Team helped introduce a client-server model into Playwright, enabling a new leap forward in real device testing for Playwright users.

"We see many users requesting scalable real Android device support for their Playwright tests. As this wasn't a feature natively supported by Playwright yet, we decided to actively contribute to the Playwright Open Source codebase to make this a reality for every Playwright user. We're excited to see how the Playwright community will leverage this to push their quality engineering efforts further.”

- Aravind Aluri, Head of Automation & Enterprise Products, BrowserStack

Key Features

  • Device / Browser Coverage: Google Chrome on all Android devices available on BrowserStack's platform will be supported for Playwright testing
  • Parallelization: Run hundreds of tests concurrently on BrowserStack for rapid test results. Expand your test and browser coverage to move towards full automation without impacting build time.
  • Local Testing: Do you need to test a website hosted on your local machine or a dev or staging environment? BrowserStack Local makes this possible by creating a secure connection between the BrowserStack Cloud and your test environment, enabling you to test no matter where your code is deployed.
  • Debugging: Isolate the root cause for every failed bug and test easily, with access to Video Recordings, Screenshots, Text Logs, Console Logs, Network Logs and more.

Get started in three easy steps!

Running Playwright Android tests on BrowserStack takes only a few minutes.

  1. Add your BrowserStack username & access key to your test script, and point your tests to run on the BrowserStack Real Device Cloud.
  2. Specify the device you want to test on in the capabilities section of your test script.
  3. Trigger your tests and debug them on the Automate dashboard!

Want to try it for yourself? Check out our documentation! We’ve put together some sample tests for you!

In case you don’t have a BrowserStack account already, sign up for a free trial! Every trial comes with 100 minutes of automated browser testing (and more!)

Happy testing!