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QA Leadership Summit Winter Edition

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Mobile Testing Masterclass: Navigating the Mobile-First Landscape

Discover strategies to navigate device fragmentation, learn Swivel's success story and empower your QA workforce.


Simplifying Mobile Testing Strategy for the Future

Complex use cases and app workflows that businesses need to test to stay ahead of the curve.


Digital Accessibility Excellence: Blueprint To Assess, Build, And Test

Acquire valuable insights and best practices for achieving digital accessibility excellence in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Previous Events

Mike Fotinakis

Automating visual testing with Percy

Automate visual testing with Percy to catch visual bugs with every commit, along with best practices for running your first visual test.

Simon Stewart

Everything you need to know about Selenium 4

Learn what’s new in Selenium 4, about BrowserStack & Selenium 4 & the future of Selenium.

Benjamin Bishoff

How we reconstructed our releases at Trivago

Learn how the Trivago team refined their QA process and overcame technical and adaptive challenges.

Guillermo Rauch

The URL that will change testing and QA forever

Learn how backends as a service, CI/CD, Jamstack, and serverless infrastructure can speed up software testing and QA.

Alan Richardson

Automating to augment testing

Hear about the different ways in which automation can benefit you, using case studies and from Alan's own experience.


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