Virtual Summit

Brace for a Quantum Leap in QA

  • 18th April 2024
  • Clock8:00 am - 11:00 am PT

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Achieving Accessibility Compliance - 12 June 24

Achieving Accessibility Compliance for Websites & Mobile Apps

Join our webinar to see how BrowserStack simplifies the process of achieving accessibility compliance for web and mobile.


Elevate Your Testing: The BrowserStack Advantage

Join our webinar, where we will decode the challenges faced by QA teams across the globe and guide you on overcoming them.


How to automate with BrowserStack Low Code Automation

Join us for the BrowserStack Low Code Automation launch webinar to see the product in action.

Previous Events

Syam Sasi & DK Prabhagharan

Carousell's automation journey with BrowserStack

Learn how Carousell is running tests against each pull request with effective parallel execution with the help of docker containers.

David Burns

Speed up your releases with parallelization in Selenium

Learn how to effectively plan parallelization, maintain test hygiene while scaling & achieve faster build times by running tests in parallel.

Maja Frydrychowicz

Firefox and the push for simpler Cross-Browser Testing

Learn about the new developments in Firefox for better cross-browser testing experience.

Todd Eaton

How achieves quality at speed with BrowserStack and Jenkins

Learn how their team deploys 5x faster using BrowserStack.

Nupur Pallavi & Omose Ogala

Decentralized testing

Learn about their framework that’s fast, yet flexible, supporting all types of testing, like component-level testing, integration testing, UI testing, data testing, and visual testing.

Derek Ross

Continuous testing at scale

Learn how to build an efficient, well-integrated CI pipeline to release quality software at speed. Hear about companies who release to millions of users every day.

Kevin Lamping

Automated Testing with WebDriverIO and BrowserStack

Learn about speeding up testing by running tests in parallel & debug and fix bugs quickly.

David Burns & Charlie Lee

The basics: Getting started with Selenium

Learn how you can set up and write your first test, what to look for in frameworks, and how to pick the best framework for you

Sreyantha Chary & Praveen Umanath

Test at scale within your internal networks with BrowserStack Local Testing

Learn to set up and optimize Local Testing for fast feedback, scalability, & security.


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