Carousell's automation journey with BrowserStack

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About the webinar

Carousell is a leading mobile and web-based online marketplace for buying and selling new and second-hand goods in the Southeast Asia region.

In this webinar Syam Sasi, Senior Software Engineer and Prabhagharan DK, Senior Software Engineer from Carousell will share Carousell’s automation testing journey with BrowserStack and how they are running tests against each pull request with effective parallel execution with the help of docker containers.

They will also share how BrowserStack is helping engineers enable testing while working from home.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Types of tests run at Carousell
  • Carousell test framework
  • Parallelizing the test runs with docker
  • BrowserStack in day to day WFH life

Syam Sasi

Syam Sasi is a Senior Software Engineer at Carousell, Singapore. He also created the Relative XPath Helper chrome extension which has more than 10000 users.


Prabhagharan is a Sr. Test Engineer with around 9 years of experience in the Test Engineering space. He has experience in UI testing, API testing, and performance testing of very large scale systems.

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