• Product Update: Introducing New Power Features for Debugging, Native Mobile Functionality and Real Mobile Devices

    By Praveen, Senior Product Manager At BrowserStack, we are committed to making testing easier for quality assurance and development teams. We want to empower you and your team to focus on building solutions for your customers, instead of wasting time in running an in-house mobile data center and reactively fixing bugs in production. Our latest […]

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  • Supporting Open Source to Drive Community Innovation

    By Nakul Aggarwal, A renaissance is underway with open source software. It is used today by every industry and by organizations of all sizes – including the Pentagon. Indeed, a recent Black Duck survey report reveals that 96 percent of scanned applications contain open source components and jQuery alone was present in 34 percent of […]

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  • Quality Software: A C-Level Issue

    By Ritesh Arora, CEO Quality Software: A C-Level Issue Last December, Apple’s buggy software debacle and the topic of software quality became one of the most philosophical topics of discussion, alongside robots taking over the world with AI. Has modern IT become so complex that the concept of ‘bug-free’ software is no longer realistic, particularly […]

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  • BrowserStack Founders

    BrowserStack Announces $50 Million in Funding and Opening of North American Headquarters

    By Ritesh Arora, CEO and Nakul Aggarwal, CTO BrowserStack is proud to announce our $50 million Series A investment from Accel (for a minority equity stake), and our new North American headquarters in San Francisco. This is a unique milestone for a company that has been bootstrapped and profitable since our founding in 2011. Today, […]

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  • Software Testing

    Software Testing as an Olympic Sport: 5 Tips For Gold

    By Shailesh Rao, COO As you’re reading this, nearly three thousand athletes from 92 countries are taking part in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics. Each has devoted years of training and hard work – aside from shedding blood, sweat and tears – for their opportunity to win gold and glory. In some ways, software testing has […]

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  • Automated Mobile App Testing

    Introducing App Automate for Powerful Mobile Application Testing

    By Kalpesh Doshi, Senior Product Manager Over the past decade, we’ve seen a shift in how software is consumed and developed. Consumers have moved from using software on desktops, to the web, to mobile apps today. In many cases, mobile is the only option, as more and more businesses embrace a “mobile only” development model. […]

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