Catch visual bugs in
static & dynamic UI components

Ensure your website’s UI reliability in dynamic environments. Detect and resolve bugs at speed for each component across browsers and viewports.

Stabilize Screenshots

Freeze animations and other dynamic elements on your webpage to significantly reduce false failures

Advanced Configuration

Use Percy-specific CSS to selectively ignore areas during rendering for more efficient visual testing.

Storybook Integration

Test your front-end UI components individually in isolation with Storybook for focused analysis.

Percy + Storybook Integration

Perform individual component tests to verify functionality and design alignment before integration into the broader UI.

Test webpages with dynamic visual elements

Minimize flaky results and false positives caused by dynamic web elements on your webpage.


Percy CSS
Percy CSS

Apply Percy-specific CSS in Percy rendering environment to ignore regions in your code and stabilize dynamic elements.

Animation and video freezing
Animation and video freezing

Percy automatically freeze animations on your webpage during visual testing to prevent false positive visual diffs.

Ignore Region

Draw a box over the region to ignore in visual reviews across browsers. Set it for all branches or a specific branch.

Single element capture
Single Element Capture

Capture only the specific elements you want to test without needing to take a full-page screenshot.

Intelli ignore
Intelli Ignore

Filter out minor webpage changes irrelevant to the human eye and focus solely on what truly matters.

Support for third party fonts
Support for third party fonts

Percy supports rendering of pages using third-party web typography services. Simply add Percy domains to your font service whitelist.