Everything you need for complete web accessibility compliance

Establish baseline & setup monitoring, then dive deeper with 5x faster scans and screen readers for workflows that need attention. Automate effortlessly with the SDK & monitor to stay in the know.

Accessibility Testing Features
Scan and setup monitoring

Run a website scan to understand baseline & setup recurring scans to monitor your WCAG compliance goals.

Efficiently test in-depth

Test user workflows with 5x faster workflow scans, Assisted Tests, and instantly available Screen Readers.

Automate with ease

Integrate accessibility testing into your regression suites with BrowserStack SDK in seconds.

Get started with a website scan & setup monitoring

Understand your baseline with a website scan, identify areas that need attention, and setup recurring scans to monitor your WCAG compliance goals.

Catch issues in your rendered frontend, 5X faster

Use the Workflow Analyzer to identify and report issues such as missing alt text, insufficient color contrast, among others, at the speed of automation.

Test any workflow in a single scan
Test any workflow in a single scan

Run only a single scan to test multiple states of a webpage, or different webpages. Just start the scanner & navigate as your users do.

Prioritise issues with ease
Prioritise issues with ease

All duplicates are auto removed, before the uniques are grouped by their type, affected components, and violated WCAG guideline.

Precisely locate issue sources
Precisely locate issue sources

Use the test workflow logs to pin down the exact source of issues, including the specific URL and the actions that triggered them.

Instantly access screen readers on real devices

Access VoiceOver on Mac, NVDA on Windows, and TalkBack on Android across a range of real devices in a single click.

Nab complex issues like a pro

Use the Assisted Tests, your expert accessibility assistant to identify issues in the keyboard tab order, Accessibility Name, Role, and State of your web elements.

Plug and play accessibility automation

Instantaneous setup, powerful configurations, zero build maintenance, & smart reporting - automating accessibility testing was never this easy!

Enhance debugging with quick and smart reports

Access all reports from the past & present on one dashboard. Combine multiple reports in seconds, & use insightful issue summaries to better inform debugging.

Auto-generated, instant reports
Auto-generated, instant reports

Save hours of manual effort as a shareable report of unique issues is auto-generated after every test run.

Central reporting dashboard
Central reporting dashboard

All test reports are stored in the central repository. View smart test summaries, as well as combine multiple reports.

Smart WCAG mapping
Smart WCAG mapping

Save hours in creating VPAT reports, as the reports automatically group issues by the violated WCAG guideline.

Make accessibility testing a hassle-free priority

Run your first scan now!