Accessibility reporting that inspires action

Use auto-generated, insightful reports to enhance accessibility debugging. Access all reports in one place, consolidate them within seconds, or share effortlessly with your team members.

All reports in one place

Find all test reports in the central repository. View smart test summaries, multiple reports within seconds.

Enhanced debugging

Quickly determine the issues to fix first with smart issue summaries and insightful visualisations.

Shareable reports

Simply export a CSV of your test reports, or share a link with your team members to keep them in the know.

All reports, past or present, in one place

Access every report, from workflow scans to assisted tests, stored in a unified dashboard. Effortlessly search for specific reports or consolidate multiple reports within seconds.

Consolidate any number of reports within seconds

Merge test reports from workflow scans, assisted tests, or both, retaining only unique issues. Whether you test your website in separate workflows, or pages, combining all reports is now child’s play.

Supercharge debugging with issue insights

Uncover major issues effortlessly as they are intelligently grouped by category, severity, affected components, and WCAG guidelines. With smart data cuts, even the most discreet issues can't escape.

Sophisticated visuals, simplified analysis

Simplify issue analysis with intuitive visualizations. Discover underlying trends, gain meaningful insights, and formulate a data-driven debugging plan.

Export reports as CSV in a click

Share accessibility test reports within or outside your organisation by effortlessly exporting as CSV files.

Share reports with team using a simple link

Keep your fellow team members in the know, as you simply share a report link that can be used to view the report on the dashboard.

Share reports outside your team or org

Share your accessibility test reports with anyone, even outside your organisation, using secure links for seamless collaboration and enhanced decision-making.

Make accessibility testing a hassle-free priority

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