Test user workflows at the speed of automation

Our Workflow Analyzer keeps scanning as you navigate across webpages. You identify and report alt text, color contrast, and other issues 5X faster, saving hours of manual effort.

Multi-page scanning

Run only a single scan to test multiple states of a webpage, or different webpages. Just start the scanner & navigate as your users do.

Manage issues with ease

Duplicates are auto-removed, and the uniques are grouped by their type, affected components, and WCAG guideline.

Debug effortlessly

Use the test workflow logs to pin down the exact source of issues, including the specific URL and the actions that triggered them.

Automatically capture every issue in the DOM tree

With DOM change monitoring, you can rest assured that no issues get missed. Just start the scanner and sit back while it automatically catches issues wherever a DOM change is detected.

A scanner that doesn’t stop at one page

Scan multiple states of a webpage, or different webpages in a single go. Just start the scan, navigate through the flow, and our scanner keeps going. Bid goodbye to frustrating accessibility checkers now.

Focus-test specific webpage components

Effortlessly test specific webpage components, saving the hassle to scan the entire webpage. Experience focused-testing, save time, and release accessible websites, faster.

See only unique issues. Zero duplicates

Traditional scanners flood you with tons of duplicate issues, leading to hours of cleanup. Our Workflow Analyzer intelligently clears all the clutter, so you only see unique issues after the scan.

Know what issues to fix first in no time

The scanner organises affected components from most to the least affected, with corresponding tags of Critical, Serious, Moderate, or Minor. Prioritising what to fix has never been simpler.

Uncover the Source of accessibility issues

Use a single log of visited webpages, interactions, and detected issues across a sequence of webpages to pin point the source of accessibility issues.

Make accessibility testing a hassle-free priority

Run your first scan now!