Test on 2000+ Real iOS and Android Devices

Test your native and hybrid apps on a wide range of physical mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Pixel, etc. Check out our full list of devices.

Speed up your test runs

Release your builds faster by running tests concurrently across thousands of devices. Get quick results. Reduce test execution time by more than 10x by using the parallel tests on the BrowserStack device cloud.


Speed up your test runs

Test dev environments

Test your apps on internal development and staging environments by utilizing the secure, encrypted BrowserStack tunnel. No set-up required. Enable local testing by simply downloading the BrowserStack binary.

Gestures and interactions

Easily automate all the gestures and touchactions on our remote devices including tap, swipe, scroll and more.

Natural gestures and interactions

Debug and fix bugs instantly

Debug your Apps instantly using device logs, text logs, video recordings and screenshots for every test you run.

Device Logs

Access native Device logs for every session.

Text Logs

Appium Text Logs with timestamps.

Video Recordings

Record the entire testing session.


Appium screenshots with timestamps.

Uncompromising security

Security is a primary focus, and our policies are constantly upgraded. All builds are stored on our secured servers. We provide pristine devices for testing and all app data is wiped clean from the device after the session ends. We are Service Organisation Control (SOC) 2 compliant.
Learn more about our security policies

Uncompromising Security