We are excited to bring back BrowserStack Summer of Learning 2021 to you! It’s a 5-part webinar series, designed to help test automation teams learn all about some of the best test automation frameworks, straight from the framework experts.

The choice of technology used for your web application is driven by multiple factors—the complexity of the project, scalability, cross browser compatibility, maintenance, etc. When it comes to choosing a test automation framework, developers are spoilt for choice.

So, what’s a reliable approach to finding the framework that’s best suited for the unique testing needs of your team? BrowserStack Summer of Learning packs in several lessons about this.

Last year, we had an interesting lineup of speakers and saw over 4,000 registrations and 2,000 attendees. This time too, we’ve got four framework experts and committers who are set to deliver five sessions spread across two days—June 30th and July 7th, that are open to everyone and are completely free.

BrowserStack Summer of Learning has the following sessions:

Session1: Web Testing with Puppeteer

By Jan Scheffler (Software Engineer at Google)

In this session, Jan Scheffler will start with a quick overview of Puppeteer and how it works. He will then dive into how you can use Puppeteer to test different aspects of your web applications.

Session 2: Cypress: The future of Web Application Testing, today

By Amir Rustamzadeh (Director of Developer Experience at Cypress.io)

Amir Rustamzadeh will quickly show how to get up and running with Cypress in your day-to-day development workflow, how to tame flaky tests in our test suites, leverage next-generation network stubbing and spying APIs, and more. He will end the session by revealing a brand new and unprecedented way to test components—you have to attend to know what that is!

Session 3: Selenium in Java, the basics and what's coming!

By David Burns (Head of Open Source at BrowserStack)

In this session, David Burns will explain how to get started with a project in Java—he will take you through the basics and then demonstrate how you can start using some of the newer features in Selenium to get the most out of your tests.

Session 4: Nightwatch, the JavaScript framework you need

By David Burns (Head of Open Source at BrowserStack)

David Burns will show you how to get the most out of your JavaScript test with Nightwatch.js, how to get started as well to make your JS projects easier to test. He will also show how you can integrate it into other projects and achieve the best results.

Session 5: WebdriverIO: The UI test framework that's here to stay

By Kevin Lamping (Contributor at WebDriverIO)

In this session, Kevin Lamping will cover the WebdriverIO project—he will look at how it has its eyes set on the future, bringing you cutting-edge features—all while supporting a mature testing toolset.

The BrowserStack Summer of Learning 2021 sessions will take place on June 30th and July 7th. We thoroughly recommend you to grab this learning opportunity! If you know a friend, a colleague or anyone at all who might benefit from this, feel free to invite them by clicking here!

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