We hosted Breakpoint 2021 last week and what a stellar show it was! With over 15,000 registrations, 3,500+ attendees from 100+ countries, 20 speakers, and 1 skeleton (watch the recordings if you don’t believe us!), the summit provided 800+ minutes of non-stop learning across 2 days.

Our speaker lineup included experts from Amazon, Adidas, Salesforce, Pinterest, Calendly, Selenium, and more, where they talked about the stages of a testing culture, using AI for deciding test cases, keeping a check on the mental health of your teams, and so much more.

We’ve compiled all the recordings for you to watch at your own convenience. Here are some highlights to quickly summarize day 2 for you:

Maaret Pyhäjärvi on contemporary exploratory testing

Maaret believes that one must ensure that boredom stays out of the door while testing. She also explains that constraints don’t always spring from the code that you write, and suggests that one must approach the same problem in different ways to better understand these constraints.

Noemi Ferrera on leveraging AI to decide between test cases

Noemi talks about how you can train your systems with the help of machine learning. She suggests that while you’re doing that, it’s imperative that you avoid bringing in your biases as you can end up transferring them into the system.

Praveen Umanath on what’s new at BrowserStack

Right from our brand new Automate and Percy dashboards, to improved support for uploading larger apps on App Live and App Automate, Praveen takes us through everything that’s new and fresh at BrowserStack.

Alexandra Schladebeck on achieving whole team quality

Alexandra warns us about staying away from the “rockstar syndrome”—the attitude that keeps people away from collaborating as one single unit. She believes that true value comes from learning and collaboration. Whether it’s the Scrum Master or the person responsible for technical documentation—each person must always aim towards making the features as valuable as possible.

The Selenium Panel : “Talk to your devs”

Our panel discussion on Selenium, moderated by David Burns, included experts from some of the best engineering teams—Pooja Shah (MoEngage Inc.), Jim Evans (Salesforce), Trisha Chetani (Adidas), and Manoj Kumar (ThoughtWorks).

When David asked his closing question—what is your one go-to tip for speeding up testing—in this thoroughly insightful panel discussion, all our speakers unanimously agreed that communication is the key to eliminating delays. They insisted on keeping developers in the loop and keeping the communication channel open at all times.

Jennifer on what is a good testing culture

Jennifer defines ‘culture’ as what people do when they’re unprompted. She believes that a good testing culture is the one where people are empowered to create, run and debug tests—and do all of this while owning them, and self-advocating for them.

David Jones on acing visual tests with Percy

David talks about how shipping software that looks correct is not always easy because the odds just aren’t in our favor. There are multiple devices, browsers, resolutions, and app states to test for and that’s exactly what makes visual testing a challenging affair.

Erika Chestnut on “Humanual” Testing

Erika, who clearly won all our hearts, advocates the need for humanual testing—yep, she made that up! She speaks about how impactful testing requires taking the ‘human factor’ into consideration. This approach puts value on us, as humans, in the testing process.

If you happened to miss some of the talks, or if you simply wish to revisit your favorite ones, you can access all the recordings here on demand:

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