We're thrilled to announce that BrowserStack has acquired NightwatchJS, the popular open-source test automation framework.

NightwatchJS, the Node.js powered end-to-end test automation framework, is among the fastest-growing Selenium-based tools with 1 million monthly npm installs and over 10.5k GitHub stars. With its simple syntax and an in-built test runner, developers can run and manage tests without any hassle.

For developers who use NightwatchJS for their testing needs, Nightwatch will always remain free and open-source. Together, BrowserStack and NightwatchJS teams will make the framework better by improving the overall experience for developers and maintainers.

The benefits of this partnership go both ways. It allows BrowserStack the opportunity to contribute and give back to the open-source community (most of BrowserStack's own products are built using open-source technologies). Also, it gives NightwatchJS the resources to scale by shipping features and updates faster and becoming the de-facto testing option for developers.

Our goal is to make NightwatchJS faster, robust, and more delightful to use. In addition, we will proactively engage with the community for feedback and new ideas. In November 2021, we announced the release of Nightwatch v2 in beta with the help of insights from the first-ever Nightwatch user survey. Some of the new features in v2 include support for the WebDriver Actions API, a new integrated test runner for CucumberJS, and support for Chrome DevTools Protocol.

To ensure developments to the Nightwatch project are fair, open, and inclusive, a Technical Committee consisting of open-source and DevOps leaders will be constituted. The Committee will work to navigate the future of the project by governing the roadmap and defining the long-term vision.

We at BrowserStack are honored to be a part of Nightwatch's journey and are excited about the next chapter!