We are excited to announce the beta launch of Test University, BrowserStack’s online learning platform for QAs and developers. Our vision is to become the go-to place for QAs and developers to learn all things testing. Test University helps test practitioners take full advantage of BrowserStack by preparing them to test often, test at scale on real devices, and test efficiently with modern test frameworks.

Test University offers a range of thoughtfully designed courses to help you confidently integrate BrowserStack in your software test setup. The courses include lab exercises that are common test scenarios you encounter every day. You get to work on interesting use cases with the BrowserStack Demo App, supported by code samples that are open-sourced on GitHub. The typical coursework would expect you to clone the test repos, discover challenges, execute live tests, add the code snippets, and understand the theory.

Here are some of the featured courses Test University offers:

Test University puts the learner at the center of the process. The learning experience is built with three principles:

1. Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace with customized learning paths suited for your requirements.

2. Career growth: Earn certificates after completing courses to demonstrate your proficiency in BrowserStack.

3. Make learning fun: Grab points, badges and even watch the leaderboard to see where you stand among competitors.

Test University is accessible to all learners free of cost. It also comes with free access to the BrowserStack cloud to help learners perform lab exercises on the platform.

With Test University, we are committed to helping millions of test practitioners to become better at their job while using BrowserStack. We are just getting started on this journey. The beta version contains 19 courses and four learning paths on Live and Automate products. We are planning to add courses for all our products very soon.

Please sign up, try our courses and let us know if you like Test University. If you have any feedback on how we could make Test University better suit your needs, write to us at testuniversity@browserstack.com.

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Happy learning!