We are thrilled to announce that BrowserStack has acquired Percy—the world’s leading visual testing and review platform.

Percy helps teams automate visual testing. It captures screenshots, compares them against the baseline, and highlights visual changes. Modern agile teams at Basecamp, Canva, Shopify, amongst others, rely on Percy to ship a pixel-perfect UI with every release.

The Percy team has done a great job in building a platform that pioneered DOM snapshotting and has advanced parallelization capabilities. With this acquisition, developers and QA teams can run everything from visual tests to manual and automated functional tests on BrowserStack’s infrastructure and ship high-quality software at speed.

BrowserStack started with a vision to become the testing infrastructure for the internet. Today, BrowserStack is the world's leading web and mobile application testing platform powering over 60 million tests a month across 15 global data centers.

We have integrated Percy with the BrowserStack platform and you can get started with Percy right away with your BrowserStack credentials.

All of us at BrowserStack and Percy are super excited about this acquisition. BrowserStack’s mission has always been to empower developers to build amazing experiences, and this acquisition is a big step in this direction.

Learn more about Percy