We’ve successfully concluded BrowserStack Summer of Learning 2021—a 5-part webinar series that packed several lessons about optimizing test automation frameworks, straight from the framework experts.

This year, we had an interesting lineup of four speakers and saw 7,500+ registrations and 1,500+ attendees who attended five sessions spread across two days—June 30th and July 7th.

Here are some highlights from all the sessions:

Day 1

Session 1: Web Testing with Puppeteer

Jan Scheffler
Software Engineer at Google

In this talk, Jan Scheffler began with a quick overview of Puppeteer and how it works. He then proceeded to the advanced stuff where he demonstrated how Puppeteer can be used to test UI, along with the other aspects of your web applications.

Session 2: Cypress: The Future of Web Application Testing, Today

Amir Rustamzadeh
Director of Developer Experience (DX) at Cypress.io

Cypress is a forward-looking and ever-evolving tool for testing modern web applications. Amir Rustamzadeh showed how Cypress is solving one of the biggest problems in testing—test flakiness. He ended the session by revealing a brand new and unprecedented way to test components.

Session 3: Selenium in Java, the basics and what's coming!

David Burns
Head of Open Source at BrowserStack

In this talk, David demonstrated the steps to get started with a project in Java—right from the basics to using some of the newer features in Selenium that are coming along the way, to help teams get the most out of their tests!

Day 2

Session 1: Nightwatch, the JavaScript framework you need

David Burns
Head of Open Source at BrowserStack

David shed light upon the lesser-known features and capabilities of Nightwatch and showed how to get the most out of your JavaScript test with it. He also demonstrated the process of integrating it into other projects to achieve the best results.

Session 2: WebdriverIO: The UI Test Framework That's Here To Stay

Kevin Lamping
Core Contributor at WebdriverIO

In this talk, Kevin Lamping deep-dived into the WebdriverIO project. He also spoke about the future of the project—the one packed with cutting-edge features, all while supporting a mature testing toolset.

If you happened to miss any of these talks, if you want to share these with your peers, or if you simply wish to revisit your favorite ones, you can access all the recordings here on demand:

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