Champions Spotlight - Elias Nogueira

Walk us through a typical day at Backbase.
As a Principal Software Engineer focusing on Quality, my typical day is divided into technically helping other engineers (quality, backend, and frontend) to solve technical problems when requested. I’m also talking with all the teams, trying to find ways to improve the quality process. The other part has a focus on the company’s current and future initiatives, where I’m defining goals and tech architectures with other engineers to future guide the teams to achieve these goals.

What’s your goal for the coming year?
I have two main goals: the first is to transform the quality role into an engineering role - calling now Quality Engineers. They will know about the backend and frontend, but the specialization is on quality. They will be able to understand both engineering areas and contribute more.
The second one is to make the Quality Engineering subject more impact in other non-functional areas like Performance, Accessibility, and Security.

What OSS projects do you follow? Have you contributed to any so far?
I follow plenty of OSS projects and use them in my day-by-day activities.
The common ones are Rest-Assured, Playwright, DataFaker, WebDriverManager, k9s, TestContainers, and others. I’ve contributed to WebDriverManager and DataFaker related to testing and Jakarta Data and Jakarta NoSQL related to Java development.

If you could go back to being new to the industry and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
I would advise focusing more on the technical aspects than the business. We have a lot of people thinking about the business where the team can support it. We don’t need any more “people who test the application” without knowing technically how it’s developed. We need more technical people to deliver bug-free software, and the whole team can be an extension of the business perspective.

What is one unique and valuable thing you find in our Champions program?
We have a lot of diversity in the program, and we can count on everyone’s experience, context and knowledge to solve different quality challenges.
It’s awesome having a global program that empowers people to share knowledge about BrowserStack and any technology related to quality.

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