We are delighted to announce the availability of Google Pixel 7 on BrowserStack’s real device cloud infrastructure on the same day as the device's global retail launch. BrowserStack has consistently added newly launched flagship devices to our cloud on Day 0, the most recent examples being the Apple iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy 22.

Testing and engineering teams using BrowserStack no longer have to wait to procure new devices or require logistical support from their organizations. Day 0 access to real Google Pixel 7 devices empowers BrowserStack users across the globe to test on the newly launched device and ensure a seamless experience for their customers.

"Our dedication to improving the experience of developers and testers always inspires and motivates us to push the limits. We are thrilled to add another flagship device, the Google Pixel 7, to our globally distributed real device cloud on the same day as the launch,” said Nakul Aggarwal, CTO & Co-Founder of BrowserStack.

The addition of Google Pixel 7 on Day 0 reiterates BrowserStack's commitment to providing our users with immediate access to the most recent devices, enabling software teams to deliver quality at speed and scale while continuously improving customer experience.

Access to the Google Pixel 7 is currently being rolled out to Live and App Live users. Please reach out to your CSM (Customer Success Manager) or BrowserStack Support for more information on getting access.