Jira Software is used by more than 35,000 teams across the globe, including BrowserStack. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new integrations with Jira and Trello.

Unlike with other cross browser testing tools that provide add-ons or plugins, our native integrations enable developers to share bug report details and context in one place – all via a single, seamless workflow. It’s all part of our ongoing work to help teams maximize productivity, and to make developers’ lives easier.

Filing bugs is a critical component of the QA process. But it’s no secret that it can be time-consuming and cumbersome. The problem is that teams are often sidetracked into tedious tasks and multiple steps – a process that can be frustrating when focusing on your code is the utmost priority.

Today’s release enables users to instantly capture and share issues across teams within their BrowserStack workflows and from within Jira and Trello as well – doing away with the extra steps of having to switch between tools, and minimizing the back-and-forth between QA. No additional setup is required which means teams can spend time focusing on what matters most: creating quality, bug-free software. Fast.

Specific benefits of BrowserStack’s native Jira and Trello integrations include:

  • Usability: Report bugs in three easy steps, without the need for additional applications or administrative configuration.
  • Productivity: Associate any bug with an ongoing or new project.
  • Rapidly Reproduce Bugs: Easily gain access to the same configuration of browser and/or device where the issue was found. Directly jump into same configuration of browser / device where the bug was found.
  • Depth of Detail: Annotations and quick categorization, enabling the whole team to see the issue and relationship to the project.
  • Transparent Results: All relevant information is shared in the ticket, including build context of issue, environment, browser/OS, mark-ups and stack trace.
  • Experienced Support: Access to BrowserStack’s awesome 24/7 support team and documentation.

Both Jira and Trello are available on BrowserStack Live, Automate and App Automate. For more information, read our press release.

With today’s release, gone are the days of having to switch between tools and screenshotting software issues, annotating them with details, downloading them into separate dashboards, manually logging them, etc., all so that others can later reproduce the bug and solve it.

Both Jira and Trello integrations are just the first in an upcoming pipeline of partnerships designed to help developers and QA teams become more agile, so that you can keep the focus on quality code and releases. Stay tuned here for more great developments from the BrowserStack team.