At BrowserStack, we are committed to making testing easier for quality assurance and development teams.

We want to empower you and your team to focus on building solutions for your customers, instead of wasting time in running an in-house mobile data center and reactively fixing bugs in production.

Our latest quarterly product update furthers our commitment to helping you test more comprehensively and proactively. Updates span across BrowserStack products — Live, Automate, App Live and App Automate — and fit into three key themes: 1) launch of our Comprehensive Debugging Tools, 2) expansion of native mobile functionality, 3) increased device coverage. Here’s a closer look at the releases:

Comprehensive Debugging Tools to help your team test, debug and fix issues affecting software quality, such as usability, functionality and performance. Our toolkit helps you pinpoint root causes of commonly faced issues faster than ever – ranging from UI/UX to resource consumption of CPU, memory, power consumption and network.

Enhanced test logs for automation

Features in Automate & App Automate include:

  • Network Logs: Logs of each request made by your website or mobile app, and the response times; get performance data on network traffic, latency, HTTP requests and responses in the HAR format.
  • Video – Log Sync: A sync between your Text Logs and Video Recording to seamlessly transition from a point in Text Logs to the corresponding point in the Video Recording.
  • Text Logs: A time-stamped, command-by-command written record of your automated test to easily identify where and when your test is failing.
  • Video Recording: Every automated test run on BrowserStack is video-recorded, enabling you to see exactly how your test is executed on any remote machine.
  • Screenshot (Visual Log): Screenshots are automatically captured for every command executed during your test, enabling you to visualize the exact step where a failure occurred and identify any layout or design related issues.
  • Interactive Sessions: Ability to trigger a manual test session at a specific step of your automated test while it is running, without leaving your dashboard or reproducing the workflow from scratch. Currently available on Desktop browsers on Automate; coming soon to mobile devices on Automate and App Automate.
  • Console Logs (Automate only): Easily capture the browser’s console output at various steps of the test to troubleshoot JavaScript issues.
  • App Profiling (App Automate only): Graphical charts report the usage of CPU, memory, network and battery while your mobile application is in use, enabling you to monitor app performance and inefficient use of device resources.

To learn more about each feature, refer to:

Features in App Live and Live include:

  • Device Logs (App Live only): Debug your Android or iOS app at ease using real-time logs from Logcat or Console. Filter or search logs from app or system processes to fix bugs instantly. Try out the debugging feature in the App Live dashboard
  • Pre-installed Developer Tools (Live only): Debug using pre-installed developer tools on all remote desktop browsers and Chrome developer tools on mobile devices (exclusively available on BrowserStack). To learn more about debugging on Live, refer to our Developer Tools documentation.

Expansion of Native Mobile App Functionality enables testing of core native features of a real mobile device to ensure all real-world user conditions and workflows are fully tested. Now you can easily increase your test coverage on the BrowserStack Real Device Cloud.

GPS Geolocation Testing

Features in App Live and App Automate include:

  • Push Notifications: Test the functionality and usability of your mobile app’s push notifications across real iOS and Android devices.
  • Network Simulation: Know how your mobile app performs and functions across global networks, particularly in regions with slow, fluctuating speeds and limited penetration; select from up to 20 preset network profiles across 2G, 3G and 4G, or create a custom profile by configuring the bandwidth, latency and packet loss.
  • Google Pay & Google Play Billing: Test Google Pay purchases or in-app purchases with your Google Play account to ensure end-to-end user flows work without glitches.
  • GPS Geolocation Testing: Simulate the location of the device to test location based scenarios for your mobile app by specifying the longitude and latitude or by using our easy-to-use map interface.
  • Install Dependent Apps: Install multiple apps from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or upload the .APK or .IPA files, and test their inter-app workflows.
  • Camera Access and Pre-loaded Images: Front and rear camera access is enabled for all Android & iOS devices, and each device gallery is pre-set with images and videos for your cross browser testing.
  • App Updates (App Live only): Before publishing the latest version of your app to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, test all scenarios to ensure a smooth transition for existing users and avoid commonly occurring issues, such as losing cached session data or database migration.
  • Localization Testing (App Live only): Test your mobile app in different language and region settings. Use our in-session dock to set your required locale and start testing.

To learn more about each feature, refer to:

Increased Device Coverage. You and your team will be able to test on Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the 2018 Apple iPad. iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus will also be available on iOS 11. See all the browsers, real devices and operating systems available on Live, Automate, App Live and App Automate.

These updates equip design, development and quality assurance teams with all the tools they need for building user experiences that are second-to-none. BrowserStack continues to offer ongoing platform updates, from our recent App Automate launch (automated testing for mobile applications on the BrowserStack Real Device Cloud) to many more.

We believe that software should be as bug-free as possible before being shipped, and comprehensive testing is key to achieving that goal. Our team continues to make BrowserStack better than ever, so check out our blog for our latest product updates!
Support for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus and 2018 Apple iPad, Video-Log Sync, App Profiling, Google Pay and Google Play Billing will all be available in Q3.

For more on today's new features, check out the press release here