At Percy and App Percy, we’re continuously striving to enhance your testing experience by introducing smarter, more efficient features. Today, we’re excited to unveil a groundbreaking update: Test Case Based Grouping. This new feature revolutionizes how snapshots are organized, making your visual and functional testing process smoother than ever.

The Challenge: Limited ways to organize snapshots

Until now, snapshots in Percy were automatically grouped based on diff similarity. While this method had its advantages, it often proved inefficient for Quality Assurance (QA) professionals who needed to review snapshots based on specific test cases. This misalignment between snapshot categorization and QA review processes led to increased time and effort in managing test cases.

Our Solution: Streamlined Test Case Creation

To tackle this inefficiency, we've introduced the capability to group snapshots by test cases directly through your testing commands. By simply passing an additional argument in the percyscreenshot or percysnapshot function, users can now define and organize their test cases more intuitively.

For instance, when you execute the command percyscreenshot(name, testcase="testCaseName"), a new test case named "Login Case" is created on the Percy dashboard.
Similarly, if you use percySnapshot("home-success", testcase="TestCaseName"), the snapshot is automatically assigned to the "TestCaseName" test case, streamlining your workflow.

The Benefits: Why You'll Love Test Case Based Grouping

This new feature brings a host of advantages:

  1. Streamlined Visual and Functional Testing: Organize your snapshots by test cases right from the get-go, aligning your testing setup with QA review processes.
  2. Enhanced Organization: Say goodbye to sifting through limited ways of categorizing snapshots. Test Case Based Grouping allows for a more organized and accessible snapshot management system.
  3. Improved Test Case Management: Manage your test cases more effectively with direct grouping, reducing the overhead of reorganizing snapshots and enhancing the efficiency of your testing cycle.

Get Started with Test Case Based Grouping

Ready to simplify your snapshot organization? Check out our Feature Documentation Page for a step-by-step guide on using Test Case Based Grouping today.

We believe this feature will transform your testing process, aligning it with your needs and making it significantly more efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and enhance Percy and App Percy to serve you better. Happy testing!