Welcome to the fourth edition of the BrowserStack device features blog series! Here's the link to the last one in case you missed it.

As promised, we'll share the latest device features designed to help Dev and QA teams increase their test coverage across mobile devices in this series.

This blog will focus on testing security workflows.

We’re excited to announce that now you can test security workflows via device passcode and biometric authentication on BrowserStack real devices to validate payment transactions, enable app login, access specific in-app content and test other advanced use-cases.

Both the device passcode and biometric authentication features are available on App Live and App Automate across Android and iOS devices.

How Does It Work?

Biometric Authentication on remote devices - Before we deep dive into the world of use cases that you could test with this feature, let’s discuss how it works.

Biometric authentication is a process of enhancing the security of applications by using biological or behavioral attributes of individuals such as fingerprint, face ID, and retina scanning to verify their identity. 

To enable Biometric Authentication:

  1. Log in to the App Live dashboard.
  2. On the App Live dashboard, upload your app from the left panel.
  3. After your app is uploaded, click the configuration icon next to the file name of your app.
  1. Under App Configurations, enable Biometric Authentication.
  1. Select your device from the list of available devices in the device listing on the right panel, to launch your test session.

To test your app:

  1. In your app, trigger the biometric authentication workflow.
  2. On the Biometric Authentication prompt, click Pass or Fail to test authentication success or failure scenarios respectively.

Learn more about how to test device passcode on BrowserStack real devices.

Real-world Use Cases

Now that you have a brief understanding of how to enable and test with biometric authentication and device passcode, let’s explore different use cases that you could test.

Login Authentication 🛡️📱

Most apps today allow users to lock the app to alleviate security and privacy concerns. This is especially valid for payment wallets and banking apps. With biometric authentication and device passcode available on real devices, you can test and ensure that your users can securely log in. You can also customize the device passcode and check if your app workflows still work as expected. Moreover, you can test biometric authentication workflows via Face ID or Touch ID.

Payment Transactions 💼💰

Most payment and banking apps today enable users to confirm financial transactions via any additional security workflow. This is more often than not biometric authentication, device passcode verification, or pattern verification. This additional layer of security helps us double-check if we are making the right payment to the right recipient. With BrowserStack, you can test your app's payment functionality to ensure that biometrics or passcode can be successfully used to authenticate transactions.

Secondary Login 🔒🔑

It’s not uncommon for us to come across Apps where we need secondary authentication even for logged-in users. This is true for most BFSI apps where every time you need to access the app, you are asked to enter the device passcode or verify via biometrics. With BrowserStack, enable your logged-in users to securely unlock the app by testing workflows that require secondary authentication.

Specific In-App Content Access 🔓📂

Privacy has become more important than ever for users today. Whether it’s private photos and videos to confidential documents - users often like to restrict access to specific content within the app. These apps often use device passcode or biometric authentication to enable access to the restricted content. With BrowserStack, Test workflows of your app that require device passcode verification or biometric authentication for users trying to access specific content within the app.

At BrowserStack, we are devoted to helping our customers build and deliver best-in-class software and make mobile testing more robust and comprehensive. 

On BrowserStack real devices, you can test security workflows that need biometric authentication and device passcode validation. These functionalities are available across our manual and automated testing products and on both Android and iOS devices.

We're thrilled to share our latest features with you and hope you find them exciting and valuable!

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Stay tuned to learn more about how you can leverage these features to ensure holistic mobile testing, broader test case coverage, accelerated bug resolution, and lightning-fast shipping cycles.