Spotlight - Vinothkumar Velusamy

Meet Vinoth, an Engineering Manager with a twist. Not only is he a tech wizard wearing multiple hats as a Software Architect and Automation Framework Developer, but he's also passionate about environmental sustainability. Vinoth values family time, loves exploring new places, and advocates for the environment.

Vinoth's Career Journey: Elevating Excellence and Nurturing Quality

Looking back at Vinoth's career, his contributions to Fortune 500 companies stand out. He's been pivotal in enhancing products through Effective Test Automation Implementation, Pioneering Test Framework Development, and achieving goals like Higher Test Coverage and Reduced Testing Time. Vinoth's proactive approach led to early bug detection, innovative solutions, and timely high-quality product deliveries.

His creation, the Quality Monitoring Dashboard with AI/ML implementation, submitted for patient rights and its pending discussion. As an Engineering Manager, Vinoth skillfully oversees teams, managing automation, Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) responsibilities, and Performance Engineers for load volume testing (LVT). He also guides DevOps resources in creating automation pipelines.

Staying on Top in the Tech World: Vinoth's Skill-Boosting Approach

Vinoth, a dedicated tech enthusiast, keeps up with the rapidly changing tech landscape. His hunger for knowledge keeps him updated through various online sources, ensuring his skills remain sharp and current.

When it comes to essential tools for QA Engineers, he highlights tools such as playwright, Selenium for test automation, JIRA for efficient collaboration and issue tracking, Jenkins for automating software delivery pipelines, and Appium for cross-platform mobile app testing. Additionally, Vinoth emphasizes the importance of JMeter for performance testing, ensuring optimal software functionality under diverse conditions.

Time with BrowserStack: A Testing Paradigm Shift

For nearly three years, Vinoth has harnessed BrowserStack's versatility across platforms, devices, and beta versions, enhancing his testing approach. Integrated accessibility testing and the commitment to user feedback stand out to him as BrowserStack's strengths. Vinoth's suggestion for using regular expressions for device specifications led to the development of 'Dynamic Device Allocation,' a testament to BrowserStack's responsiveness

In his own words

From cross-browser and cross-device testing to realistic simulations, BrowserStack's impact has been profound. It reduces infrastructure complexities, offers swift feedback, fosters collaboration, and boasts an enhanced quality dashboard. - Vinothkumar Velusamy

QA Trends and BrowserStack Features on the Horizon

In the broader QA landscape, Vinoth looks forward to Security Testing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Testing, and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Particularly, he's excited about AI-driven test auditing to assess product quality based on various metrics.

Within BrowserStack, Vinoth anticipates better Test Management tools, stresses the importance of Accessibility Testing, and values Test Observability for in-depth test analysis.

Embracing Growth and Community: Vinoth's BrowserStack Champions Journey

In today's generation, staying updated with technology and connecting with peers outside of work has become crucial for his career growth. It offers exposure to global happenings, providing valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and personal development. Finding a platform to share knowledge and insights with the world can be challenging, as it's not always easy to connect with like-minded individuals.

He acknowledges that BrowserStack is doing an excellent job by bringing together people who share common interests, organizing public events, and offering free webinars through this community. Being able to share his learning experiences, knowing that it could help others, inspire them, and contribute to building successful careers, is important to him and he is thankful to the BrowserStack community.

There are many valuable aspects to being part of a community, and he highly recommends joining and showcasing your skills. It's an opportunity to both learn and help others along the way.

Transitioning from Senior QA to Successful Manager: Insights and Advice

He emphasizes the importance of understanding the organization thoroughly and identifying areas for improvement. He believes there's always room for improvement in every aspect of QA. He suggests keeping things simple and effective while assessing the efficiency of your ideas. He acknowledges the constantly changing nature of the field and advises adapting to the evolving QA landscape.

In his view, a successful manager should not only focus on self-management but also on fostering the growth of their team. Encouraging inclusive growth is key to standing out in the competitive field. He believes that leadership is what sets individuals apart in this fast-paced world, and aspiring QA managers should aim to be leaders who reach for the stars.

Vinoth's parting words: Aim high and all the best in your journey!

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