BrowserStack Test Management

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of BrowserStack Test Management, a modern and unified way to manage all your test cases. After an extensive beta launch, we're excited to bring Test Management with new features, empowering you to achieve faster releases, higher software quality, and enhanced team productivity.

At BrowserStack, we understand the challenges that testing teams face in managing manual and automated test cases and test runs. This includes:

😫 Lack of a unified view of the overall testing progress.

⏳ Manual processes in managing test cases and test runs.

🧩 Switching across multiple tools and platforms.

🤝 Limited integrations and complex workflows.

🚧 Lack of scalability to manage increasing test cases.

These challenges can often slow down the test management process, impacting the overall development timeline. That's why we developed Test Management as a comprehensive solution to empower testing teams and drive efficiency in the testing workflow.

Test Management: Key Features and Benefits

💨 Create test cases at lightning speed

  • Manage all your test cases in a central location, well-organized using folders and tags.
  • Import test cases from existing tools using APIs or CSVs.
  • Create test cases with custom fields or define custom values.
  • Easily search, sort, and filter test cases with pre-defined parameters.

⚡️ Accelerate manual and automated test execution

  • Plan what needs to be tested across manual & automated test cases.
  • Track the real-time status of all your test executions.
  • Upload standard JUnit-XML/BDD-JSON reports generated by test automation frameworks.
  • Integrate with BrowserStack Test Observability to add automation test run results.

🔍 Improve traceability with powerful workflows

  • Easily track test cases & test runs through two-way binding via the Jira app.
  • Support multiple test automation frameworks such as TestNG, WebdriverIO, Nightwatch.js, etc. Click here to see the full list
  • Scale up test automation by integrating with various CI/CD tools.
  • Integrate with BrowserStack solutions such as Test Observability, Live, Automate & App Automate.

👀 Gain complete visibility across all your testing activities

  • Get high-level overview or drilled-down details of test cases & test runs through a rich dashboard.
  • Gain debugging insights into the performance & quality of test runs through Test Observability.
  • Monitor historical data, automation coverage & testing trends across tests executed.

By simplifying test execution, enhancing collaboration, and providing valuable insights, Test Management empowers testing teams to achieve faster time-to-market and deliver outstanding software experiences to end users.

To learn more about BrowserStack Test Management, visit our website and sign up for a free trial today.

We can't wait to see how Test Management supercharges your testing efforts!

Stay tuned for future updates and enhancements as we continue to innovate and evolve to meet your testing needs.

Happy testing!

Join our fireside chat, “Mastering Test Management The BrowserStack Way” on 5th Oct 2023, and learn how you can modernize your test management processes.