It all started in 2011 when Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal set out to launch a website for their tech consulting business. Nakul built the website in two days, but things got out of hand when Ritesh had to test it. The website had to be tested for compatibility across different devices, operating systems, and browsers—it was a tedious process and was slowing them down, as always.

They decided to take a quick look at the market to understand the problem better, and they found out that they were not alone. The struggle with cross-compatibility testing was universal.

This realization gave birth to BrowserStack. It's been ten years since then, and a lot has changed.

What remains the same is our product-first approach. A lot of the love we receive from the developer community is because of our world-class products that solve real problems, and they’ve been our biggest growth driver. We started by launching support for just Internet Explorer, added cross-browser testing on desktop and mobile, launched automated testing for websites and apps, and automated visual testing—all in a single cloud platform.

BrowserStack has grown exponentially and continues to do so—right from getting the first 1000 paid customers in 2012, acquiring Percy in 2020, to closing the $200 million Series B funding at a $4 billion valuation a few months ago. Today, over 50,000+ teams rely on BrowserStack to ship bug-free software.

But these milestones only guide BrowserStack—they don't define us.

We're defined by our people—their highs and lows, their wins, both big and small, their persistence, and dedication to a shared vision. Our core principles of solving real problems and being customer-obsessed drive everything we do at BrowserStack. We believe by building trust and being open and respectful of one another, we can move mountains. We'd like to thank our people—it's their spirit to achieve that has got us this far and will continue to take us places.

BrowserStack's future is one of rapid growth and scale. Software is shaping lives globally, and our products massively impact the quality of software.

BrowserStack turns ten today, and to mark this milestone, we pledge to 10x our commitment to the vision of becoming the testing infrastructure for the internet.