Tell us about your current role.

I’m currently working as QA Lead in e-bate

Looking back at your career, what are you most proud of?

Till now, it has been an interesting journey. I started my career as a manual tester and later took the role of Automation engineer, Business Analyst, and lead QA. All these roles taught me how important the Quality of Products is for any Company and the challenges the teams face.

With all these experiences, I’m now able to guide budding QA engineers on the best practices, processes and tools which are most effective. This makes me very proud about the knowledge sharing and being able to help someone who is in seek of knowledge.

You are a Cypress Ambassador. What are some of the responsibilities that come with it?

Being Cypress Ambassador means being on top of new features and understanding existing features well, so that I can share this information via my blogs and also help people who come up with questions. As a Cypress Ambassador, it’s also my responsibility to guide new users of the product with whatever issues/queries they come up with patiently.

What are some of the tools that are very hard to avoid as a QA Engineer?

Based on my experience as a QA engineer, one must know tools which involve

  1. API Testing
  2. DB Testing
  3. Network Interceptors (like Fiddler)
  4. Browser Automation Testing

There can be a new tool every few months, but obtaining a good hold on any one tool for the above areas would make the foundation strong.

What’s the best thing about having a community of a league of experts (Champions)?

The community brings experts from various domains and tools together. This will give everyone a chance to share experiences, discuss issues and also come up with new ideas for sharing knowledge across learning platforms.

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