Tell us about your current role at VMware.

I am working as a Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at VMware on Tanzu Service Mesh Project. Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications—across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data—enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations. I have been involved in different types of testing on this challenging and large-scale project.

Tell us about the local QA meetups you’ve been organizing in Greece.

The idea began 5 years ago. After attending several meetups in town on several technologies, I realize that a Software Testing meetup should start that would be technology agnostic, and we will share and contribute all together in this community. My co-organizers had the same idea, so we met and joined forces to create a strong meetup with several events those years and about ~1000 registered people. We didn’t expect that at all but seems that the Greek Testing Community has much to say.

How has your journey been as a Public Speaking? What advice would you give to folk aspiring to be a speaker?

My journey in public speaking started many years ago when I was a student. There was a university student program called Microsoft Student Partners that was about coding, new technologies etc., so there I gave my first public talk. It was really stressful, and my heart was about to break, but after practising and giving talks to several meetups, you get used to it, and you become better and better. The advice I will give to folk that want to join the public speaking world is two things. 1: Do the first step and give your first talk, no matter how bad will be. 2: Practice, practice and practice! There is no other way to overcome your fears!

What new things are you excited about and looking forward to in QA?

In the QA world, I expect people to share challenges and difficulties they meet in their careers instead of simple tutorials on new technology. For example, there are limited resources for how to test a project that is built on microservices architecture, but there are tons of tutorials for API testing with different tools. As the technology evolves and the testing part should evolve too!

What do you like about the BrowserStack Champions community?

BrowserStack Champions is a well-organized, tech-oriented community with leaders around the world. I like how supportive they are, and the events organized by BrowserStack Champions focus on high quality, not quantity! I am very happy to be a BrowserStack Champion.

Which problem statement did Browsertack help you solve?

App Live is for sure the feature that makes the lives of QA folks easier because it is not possible to have your own farm with so many devices to test at least the basic flow of a Mobile Application before releasing it to market. So, with App Live, you can do manual checks on different devices with different OS and screens to ensure at least your app is not looking strange or breaks. If you are good with automation, you may use App Automate to automate some cases that you do manually on App Live to make your life easier.

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