iOS 13 preview

The new iOS 13 Beta is out and it brings along a host of new features. Here are some of the top features we're excited about:

1. Dark Mode

Let’s face it— Dark Mode is super cool. It makes everything easier on the eyes, gives every app a bold new look. With this update, apps will now have to support both normal and dark modes and ensure legibility in both.

2. Sign in with Apple and Email Relay Service

Apple has doubled down on security with Apple ID, which allows users to sign-in to apps and services using their Apple account. Apple has gone one step further by creating a unique email address for each Apple account. With this feature, your personal mail address will never be exposed—emails will be forwarded to your personal email address.

3. Background Tasks

Apple used to have strict guidelines about apps running in the background. With iOS 13, Apple has created a new framework to handle background tasks. Unfortunately, details are sparse at the moment, because it is still in beta.

4. Privacy and Security

Don’t skip reading this one—this is the best change of all. A report from 9to5mac says that Apple now shows a pop-up listing all the apps tracking you in the background. This gives you much more control over information you are sharing with the each app.

5. Other key updates

Apple has a lot more updates, including a new 3D version of Maps (select cities only for now), swipe typing, and audio sharing over AirPods. There are also updates to performance with faster app load time and smaller app sizes for downloads.

How do I prepare for iOS 13?

The stable version of iOS13 will be rolled out in the next few months. A high volume of users will migrate to it in a very short time frame. Here is how you can be prepared for it as a developer:

1. Regression testing

It is important to check if all your previous tests are running smoothly in the new iOS version. While there are no major updates to APIs, it is critical that you test all the key flows of your mobile app to avoid any surprises.

2. Test your UI

Ensure that your buttons and images are loading correctly and are in the right positions. The visuals should remain similar across devices and resolutions. The last thing you want is for the user experience to break.

3. Start adding new features to your app

Nothing excites users more than trying out a new feature. Imagine if users were able to Sign in to your app with their Apple ID as soon as Apple launches the Sign in with Apple feature!

How can BrowserStack help you?

BrowserStack has an exclusive iOS 13 beta available. Start testing on the iOS 13 beta and ensure it is ready for your users. The best part is that you can run these tests on real devices instead of emulators or simulators.

Start testing on iOS 13